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Sue Hamlet Creative

Wattle Flowing ORIGINAL

Wattle Flowing ORIGINAL

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Wattles sing Spring in Australia, and they glow golden in my backyard too. Best of all, they grow effortlessly in our otherwise challenging landscape. They thrive with no attention at all and shine their happy blooms on one and all.

Oh I like this idea when I apply to 'us'. We may feel better with a little (or a lot) of attention but this humble plant reminds me of the bliss of 'just being' - content in myself, content to self-water and self-feed. Attention is lovely but I will flourish without it. So that's my personal challenge... to thrive no matter what. To find my 'flow' regardless of circumstances. And the happy, unpretentious wattle shows us this is indeed possible. 

Wattle Flowing is a true abstract in that you can hang it many ways. I've mocked up a few....
What do you think would suit your home .. portrait or landscape? 
122cm x 92cm on stretched canvas ready to hang. I will probably do prints on this one too so just ask x
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