Sue - workshop ready
  • Art workshops - just art! Enjoy some you-time making something beautiful.
  • Art & Uplift workshops - art with heart. Make + gentle grow/heal.
  • Uplift - a variety of therapeutic workshops to grow, heal and connect.

My workshops have the added bonus of boosting your wellbeing. The value of art for your mental health is well established and you'll get all that and more when you join one of my workshops or gather together your friends for a very special creative experience together.

Whether your goal is light hearted relaxation with others, or a slightly more therapeutic experience that builds your self-care skills, I'm all about creating an emotionally safe, supportive and creative group experience that will enrich and strengthen lives. 

All the workshops are suitable for beginners through to experienced artists and can be a light touch or deeply reflective, depending on your group's needs. Here are a few of them - I have many and can also develop workshops in consultation with you.

Connected Under Country Skies

Simply Splendid

Crowning Stories

In 'Crowning Stories' participants create a contemporary self portrait that celebrates your strengths, explores identity, taps into refreshment, learns about helpful thoughts, and looks to the future. Vibrant mixed media.

Storytime is all about the stories we tell in our families, and how they influence the next generation. Every family has its quirks, its wisdom, its funny stories. The way we make sense of these and pass these on can profoundly impact our children and grandchildren. In this workshop we take a look at what stories we will pass on to others, with opportunity to reimagine a new perspective that honours both truth and hope. This is a wonderful workshop for those involved in parenting or grandparenting.

My Oasis

'My Oasis' hones in on what refreshes and restores us, creating an art piece that can daily remind us of how to chill out regardless of circumstances. Is your oasis at the beach... in a shady forest.... by the river... with a book in hand... in the snow.... surrounded by colour... in the garden....or.....? Every piece is as different as we are. We take a small canvas and use a range of art mediums to make ourselves a little piece of happy... our oasis.
Tree of Life.
Imagine you are a tree. Let's learn about your strengths, your resources, your networks and the 'forest' you live in. In this 'alternative narrative' we'll take a fresh look at your life to date and explore how to stay strong, tap into your resources past and present, and learn how to ride out the storms and droughts that are inevitable. Build resilience and find a new story that celebrates you and your life.

Every time I make an artwork I come up with a new workshop so stay tuned!

Whether you're keen to attend or host workshop, or would like to develop an event tailored to the needs of your community, I would love to talk with you. Call me 0427 619 381 or email via my contact form.


"Sue has run several therapeutic art workshops for rural women which I have been a part of. Her warmth and inclusiveness are wonderful assets and she is skilled at facilitating the artistic process while maintaining a positive strength-focussed therapeutic intent. The feedback from participants has been enthusiastic and filled with gratitude and wonder at the artworks she has helped them achieve."  - Helen O'Brien - Mental Health Service Navigator