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Sue Hamlet Creative

She is Hope - ORIGINAL mixed media artwork SOLD

She is Hope - ORIGINAL mixed media artwork SOLD

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She is strong yet sensual, beautiful in her diversity.
Dancing to inner drums, a balanced rhythm sustains her.
Her vessel, once cracked, now gilded-good, collects all she needs.
Growth springs from the scars, overflowing to others
Life is seen in her vine, all verdant with rose and rust and trust.
She openly shares her story and has no shame, deserves no shame.
She is prepared to fight for right, but peace is her preference.
She is wise and she listens to wisdom, sorting shades into colours.
She is refreshed from above, it flows renewal all through her.
Her embrace is joy, her intent is honourable, she shares her bounty.
She and her sisters are safe from harm, and never harm others.
She is all she can be.
She is Hope.

 81cm x 107cm

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