Sunlit Skies workshop

Sunlit Skies - full day mixed media workshop

Relax the day away - create your your very own Sunlit Skies cloudscape  on canvas. The skies are full of possibilities and so is this artwork. Using a curated mix of new papers, magazine pages, paint and water soluble crayon, we will add layer upon layer to evoke a stunning cloudscape - each one uniquely different. You can include a landscape foreground (see my sample image) or make your artwork entirely sky.

During our shared art journey, we might reflect on the nature of sky and clouds, and muse the metaphors that may apply to our lives. The changing cloudscapes we see in the sky sometimes resonate with our own stories of love, wonder, storms, change and unexpected beauty and hope. It is a warm, loosely guided day with plenty of scope for your own ideas and experiences. 

Your art piece becomes an ongoing inspiration for personal resilience.

No prior art experience is needed for this workshop. Ample materials are provided but you are welcome to bring magazines or papers to use in your artworks if you wish.

Gather your own group of 6-10 people or ask about joining another workshop. 

Pricing depends on group size. My workshop day rate (5+ hours) is $600 plus materials plus travel if more than an hour from Warwick. Canvas size influences materials cost - approx $10pp for a 60x50cm thin canvas (sample above), upwards of $20pp for a double thick (artist) canvas. So, anywhere from $70 per person through to $130 pp depending on canvas and group size.

Whether you're keen to attend or host workshop, or would like to develop an event tailored to the needs of your community, I would love to talk with you. Call me 0427 619 381 or email via my contact form.